No hassle, no plugins, no cookies, just code….

Hello and welcome, my name is Levina Meinster. I am the founder of and I would like to give you a short introduction to my startup.

It all started with friends who were building websites using Wordpress and realised that those websites required a lot of attention when finished, updating plugins to keep them safe from hacking and malware. I set out to find another, better way to build websites and here we are. Coding websites without plugins that are vulnerable to hacking and malware. I also value privacy and that is why I decided to build these websites also without cookies, data tracking and annoying advertisements.

And now….

…we have got three main website solutions to choose from:

You want a personal contact page on your own domain as a digital business card to easily connect with others

You want us to reprogram your Wordpress, Joomla or other Content Management Website

You have the design and want us to do the coding of your website

Quickly online with a beautiful digital business card with contact buttons with links to social media and a message field. It looks great on different devices due to the responsive design and will help you get in touch with people.

Getting tired of running updates on plugins and ready to make the transition to a more professional, more secure and faster website?

Price depends on the size of the current website and the usability of the content present

Price depends on the size of the website and the quality of the content such as text and images you are able to deliver.

General rule of thump is that the main page, due to setup, costs around €900 and every other page around €300.

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We build your website responsive, meaning it looks great on all devices

Because we build the websites ourselves and because we feel that privacy is important, we build websites that don’t require cookies or track any data of the visitors.

Our websites are so called static websites, they are highly secure and load extremely fast, due to our special treatment and our love to code. 

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This website runs on a server that is 100% CO2 neutral. This way we are helping to create a greener internet.